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The story of ledgelocker


When it comes to protecting valuables, no one does it like Artech Design, Inc. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, our company specializes in concealment shelves with state-of-the-art locking mechanisms. These items keep your valuable safe while adding to the esthetic of any room.


We sell four different types of LedgeLocker, but we also offer customized units for those of you who want a unique look.


At Artech, we take pride in offering a truly valuable product that is built by American craftsmen. We are the inventors and original manufacturers of this item, and one of the things that make our products unique is our innovative locking mechanism, which is patented. The LedgeLockers we produce are always made with quality in mind, so you get a better product that is sure to last.

The designers of our products and the owner of our company has worked hard to bring you a product that you can be proud to own. Our owner is a patriot and a staunch believer in the American dream with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

Hidden Safes That Blend into the Décor

LedgeLocker is a high-quality, stylish shelf that coordinates with the décor of any room. This item is specially designed to store and secure valuables. Because it is a decorative accessory, it keeps a low profile, which allows you to discreetly hide important belongings. With this unique item, only you will know about your secret stash.

Meeting Your Need

Many people want to be able to hide their valuables while keeping them accessible. Home and office safes are inconvenient for possessions you need every day or items you need at a moment's notice. LedgeLocker provides the security and accessibility you have been looking for. It conceals personal effects in popular rooms.


It features a patented, hidden locking mechanism that does not attract attention, and it is never difficult to open.


Our hidden safes feature a super-strength locking system that unlocks and opens quickly with a secret key. For proprietary reasons, we can't share these secrets, but you will be happy to know that it has been lab tested, is patent protected, and only shared between you and the hardworking designer at Artech Design, Inc.™ located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Available Options

These units come in multiple sizes and finishes. You even have your choice of interior trays. We even offer matching shelves that do not have the interior safe.

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